The Cabot Harvest Hub is excited to be expanding to the NEK! The NEK Harvest Hub will begin May 30th!

Please give us feedback throughout the season

so we can better serve you in the future!

Who can sell or buy on the Hub?

The Harvest Hub is intended to support farmers, food producers and artisans in Cabot , the surrounding towns, and now, the NEK.  We may choose to include producers from further afield on a case-by-case basis.  We welcome all customers to shop who are willing to pick up their items in Cabot on Saturday mornings or the Lyndon Farmers Market on Friday evenings during the summer. At this time shipping is not an option through the Hub.

How does Membership work?

Click on the Members button on our home page at to fill out a new Membership application.  Once you’ve created your account, you can select a Membership level to join at.  This is a way to solidify your support and commitment to our community, farmers and the Hub!  As an added benefit, all new members joining at the Seedling or Harvest level will receive a free insulated cooler bag with their first purchase!

When can I shop?

Shopping is open Monday at noon and closes Thursday at 5pm.  Our producers and CHH staff and volunteers will then collect your order and have it ready for you to pick up that Friday or Saturday depending on your pickup location. 


When and where do I pick up my order?

For Harvest Hub shoppers, pickup is at Neighbors in Action, 3339 Main St, Cabot, Vermont 05647.  Don’t for get to bring your reusable shopping bag to take your order home in!

What are the Membership levels?

We know you may not be ready to commit to the Hub for an entire season, so we've given you options when signing up! 

Membership levels are:

Sprout: $1 for 1 week - This is our trial level of Membership.  Try it for 1 week to see how much you like it, then join at a higher level to show your support! 

Seedling: $5 for 6 weeks - You really like the Harvest Hub but you're just not sure you can commit all season.  We get it - you're busy!  We hope you'll come back and sign up again when you have more time! Our local farmers really need your support!

Harvest: $10 for 15 weeks - You're committed to support local food!  Each week you can select from all the bounty our Vermont fields can produce and our local artisans can create!  Your membership dollars really make a difference to our local economy - thank you!

Why are there fees? 

The Harvest Hub is a way to share with our neighbors, support local farms and producers, and create a more resilient local economy.  To do all of these amazing things, there are some overhead expenses such as: hosting an online sales platform, processing credit card transactions, advertising the site and products offered, and receiving, sorting and distributing purchases.  Membership fees and a Producer commission (15% of sales) help cover these expenses. 

We also put some of this money aside to provide free membership to those who cannot afford the Membership Fee, but wish to participate.  If you at any time are experiencing a hardship and cannot afford the Membership Fee, please reach out to us so we can waive this for you.

How will payments work?

As a buyer you can view all items in stock and add your selections to your online cart.  You can also sort the inventory by seller and select your items by seller too.  The Hub site will tally up all of your purchases so you make just one payment.  You can pay with your credit card, debit card, or your PayPal account.   You can also pay with check or cash!  Email us at to get more info on this payment option.
The value of your purchases will be transferred to the Hub's bank account, from which checks are written on a biweekly basis. If a seller decides to end the membership, a check will be issued for whatever is left in the account. 



I can’t pick up my order!

If you’ve already placed an order, but find you will not be able to pick it up, you should send a trusted person to come and pick up in your place.  They would just need to give your name and we would be happy to pass on your order through them.  At this time we are not offering delivery, though we would love your feedback on if this would be a service you would like in the future!

Abandoned orders (those not picked up during the pickup window on Friday or Saturday) will be donated to the Neighbors in Action Food Share program and a refund will not be issued. Since your purchase will qualify as a donation, you should save your receipt for a tax deduction.  We apologize for any hardships this may cause, but we are not set up to handle these refunds at this time.

My order is incomplete/inaccurate!

Please check all of the items in your order before you leave the food pickup location. Notify staff of any discrepancies between your order and what you received.  Mistakes happen, though we do our best to ensure your order is accurate!  If something is missing from your order, we will do our best to replace it, or, if that is not an option, then we will happily issue you a credit for next time!   We apologize for any hardships this may cause, but we are not set up to handle these refunds at this time.

My produce/product is wilted/cracked/of poor quality!

Please check all of the items in your order before you leave the pickup location. Notify staff of any item which is not up to your standards.  Handling produce can be tricky, and while we try our best to maintain the quality and freshness of each item, mistakes happen!  If we are unable to replace the item that day, then we will happily issue you a credit for next time!  We apologize for any hardships this may cause, but we are not set up to handle these refunds at this time.